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Sherina Poorman


Sherina Carranza Poorman, Director: Mrs. Poorman is an experienced woodworker and educator. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College where she majored in Fine Arts. As an employee of the Lower Merion School District for eight years, Mrs. Poorman assisted children with special education needs. She left the district in 2001 to devote her time to after-school work.

She has years of experience creating with wood for and with children. She has helped children build go carts, play houses, furniture, theatre sets and props, toys, and a myriad of practical items for their families.

Mrs. Poorman creates educational materials for after-school programs, which can be downloaded by after-schools from the web site she created for the purpose: Over 100 after-schools around the country have subscribed to this after-school resource.

Carol Shih


Carol Shih, Co-Director: Carol has a degree in Social Work from Gordon College and is currently pursuing her Master's in Education at Eastern University. She currently works with students with special needs at Belmont Hills Elementary School in Lower Merion School District. Carol has worked in the past as a kindergarten teacher, after-school teacher and literacy program coordinator.

Carol enjoys working with children of all ages and loves coming up with new ways to excite young learners. She enjoys incorporating music and performing arts into her lessons. Carol is excited to be a part of The Build-it Bus and hopes that it will inspire children to become creative thinkers.

Carol lives in Bryn Mawr with her Husband, Yen, two cats and her dog, Fiona.


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